Thursday, December 4, 2008

Not Much New

Ben finally did come home from his work trip in VA. Originally he was supposed to leave Monday morning and be back after work on Tuesday, but that turned into staying overnight Tuesday and coming home sometime Wednesday. At about 7:45pm on Wednesday Ben was dropped off by his boss on their way home from VA. They figured they would get home earlier this way instead of driving all the way to the shop to pick up Ben's car so his boss also picked him up this morning to go to work. It seemed like forever that he was gone, but he did make it home. Next time I would rather be told he is going to be away for a week and then him show up early than being told he will be gone for 1 night and it end up being longer.

This week the boys have become super clingy and cranky. I really think they both might have teeth coming in, but they won't let me get a good look inside their mouths to see. They have also started to become pretty jealous of each other when it comes to being held by me; if 1 is being held the other throws a fit until I hold him as well. It seems they are also going into a phase where they don't like to be left with other people. I went to my grandmother's Tuesday night so Colleen could watch the boys for 15 minutes so I could get some sushi from downtown Annapolis for dinner. When I got back Colleen and Jo told me that the boys cried and followed me to the door; she said she has never seen them like this before! What happened to my sweet, happy, care-free boys?!?! Zak and Ryder have their 15 month check-ups on Monday even though they will already be 16 months old. I am so excited to see how much they have grown since we have not had them weighed or measured since August. This trip to the pediatrician will be interesting because I will be taking them both all by myself. I have done it by myself before when it was only for 1 of them (the other stayed in the stroller), but this time I will have to get them both out and undressed. I was going to take them to a toddler playgroup with the local Moms Of Multiples club this afternoon, but they are both still asleep so looks like we won't make it. I am a little worried about how they will do since they seem to be the youngest in the toddlers group so I don't want them to get trampled especially Ryder since he is not walking yet. One of these times I will just have to go and see how they do.

Today I ordered our Christmas cards and I am getting my list all figured out so that I can get them mailed out before Christmas comes since it seems to be getting here very quickly.

I have not taken any new pictures yet, but hopefully I will get some of the boys with our Christmas tree soon. We still need to put the ornaments on the tree, but the boys are fascinated with the lights already.

Ryder playing with a teething ring


Zak being silly