Saturday, December 27, 2008

Taking Over the Living Room

I have had a great holiday week because I have been able to be pretty lazy other then running around a bit to visit family. Lazy days are always the best! The boys have had no problem staying home all day since they have a room full of new toys. They have taken over the living room for the time being, but we will figure out how to get it all into their bedroom. Ben and I picked a few things to get rid of to make room for their new toys so i posted them online for sale through the local MOM club and have already had interest in most of them! At times I think they get a little overwhelmed with everything so they tend to pick a few things to concentrate on, but each day it seems to be different toys.

Today Ben & Dave picked up a dishwasher from our friends (they got a new one, but this one was still only a few years old) and installed it in the kitchen. It is quieter and we are all hoping it will get the dishes cleaner.

I am looking forward to tomorrow because Ben & I are going to lunch at The Melting Pot which was part of my Christmas present from Ben. Tracy will be home with the boys so we get to go out and have a nice lunch all alone.