Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Mom and Piper Head Home

This morning my mom and Piper left to head back to FL. Piper was SO excited that she was going to get on the big airplane and go see daddy today. She would tell us over and over that she was going home to see daddy. This was definitely a very long trip for my mom and Piper and they are both happy to be going home. Piper did tell me that the boys and I are allowed to come visit her in FL which is good since we already have plane tickets for January. While my mom packed the car Piper was having breakfast with the boys at the table in their bedroom. It was so cute so of course I had to take some pictures! Once the car was packed my mom helped me put lights on the Christmas tree so that I can put ornaments on it later. I just LOVE the Christmas season and for me the tree is a very important part of that. While we were working on the tree Dave started to pull out their lights for outside and other Christmas decorations for inside the house which he also started to put out.

Ben called last night to talk for a bit and then again this morning before he had to meet up with the people he is working with in VA. I was happy to talk to him on the phone, but can't wait for him to get home. I know, I am a baby about this since he has only been gone since Monday morning, but it is difficult when we have not been apart overnight at all since we started dating basically.
As of this morning I am completely done Christmas shopping. One of the members of my Moms of Multiples club stopped by the house today to drop off the Little People zoo and zoo train to me that I bought from her. Most of the gifts are wrapped also!

This morning I was able to get a video of Zak walking. He is pretty much walking all of the time now unless he is being lazy or trying to get some place really fast.