Sunday, December 28, 2008

New Teeth

Today Tracy and I finally had a chance to hold Zak down to look for any new teeth and we sure found a lot! He now has 2 top teeth coming in along with his 2 top molars. So he is getting 4 new teeth right now which could be a reason for him being a little cranky. We didn't even think to look at his bottom gums to see if anything new was coming in so we will attempt that later. We have not gotten a great look in Ryder's mouth, but from what we can see he has nothing new coming in yet.

Tooth Count: Ryder 2, Zak 8

Today the boys spent a few hours with Colleen and the kids while Ben and I went to lunch at The Melting Pot. Lunch was so good, I always love eating there. When we got back to Colleen's house they were all playing in the front yard and covered in a good amount of mud, but they had fun. Chelley and Madelyn were at the house as well so we took a walk downtown with them before heading home. They were so worn out from playing that they fell asleep on the walk for a bit. On the way home we stopped at Babies R Us to buy some TV guards to try and deter the boys from playing with the buttons.