Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve Traditions

I have been thinking about some traditions that I would like to start with the boys. I figure they are still too young to remember anything we do, but I can take pictures so that they can see we did these things since they were little. A tradition I started this year with the boys is that they will get new Christmas jammies to wear on Christmas Eve so tonight they put on their new jammies. Also, tonight we finally got the chance to get in the car and drive around to see all of the decorated houses. There is one court that goes all out and I have been dying to go and see it this year and I am happy we had the chance to. Ryder fell asleep on our car ride, but Zak was awake the whole time and keeping entertained by Tracy who was tickling him and singing with him.

Unfortunately the boys and I did not make it to mass this evening. The kids mass was at 4pm and the boys were still asleep and I just didn't feel motivated enough to get up and moving to make it to the 6pm one. I had thought about going to midnight mass with Chelley, but I am exhausted and don't think I could stay up for it. We used to go to midnight mass every year, I just can't believe what having kids has done to me...I can't stay up for midnight mass anymore!