Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas 2008 Marathon- Part 4

This afternoon we went into Annapolis to my grandmother's house to see Mum Mum, Colleen, Josephine, Jamison, Chris, Oompa, and Natalie. While we were there Jim stopped by with Hallie and Nathan so the boys got to play with them for a bit. The boys got to open more gifts there and got a band set, Little People farm, bowling set, and some books. They had a ton of fun playing with the band set which we let them open, but we didn't open the farm until we got home tonight. While there they also had fun playing with Jamison's tool bench and watching everybody play Wii Fit.

Now we are home and the boys are playing with their room full of new toys...just need to figure out where to put them all now!

Ryder opening the bowling set

Zak opening the books

Ryder with a bowling pin
Band set

Jo with her Wii Fit
Zak with Jamison's tool bench
Zak with Nathan (who is 3 weeks younger than the boys)
Ryder and Jamison with the tool bench
Jo and Ryder playing Wii Fit