Thursday, December 18, 2008

Lung Re-Check

Today I took the boys back to the pediatrician so they could check how their lungs are doing. We saw my favorite pediatrician which always make me happy when we get to see him. He said that Zak's lungs sound great and Ryder's are sounding much better but could still improve. After listening to their lungs he sat down and talked with me about the timeline as to when they had diarrhea, snotty noses, coughs, and so on. He thinks that their cold has turned into a sinus infection which is why they are having lingering issues. The oral steroids helped with the wheezing, but the sinus infection can cause lingering wheezing which is probably why they got better and then sick again. So he is putting them both on Omnicef (an antibiotic) and told me to start Ryder on the Flovent inhaler (Zak is already on) as well. He then told me that they should be 90% by Tuesday or Wednesday and 100% by the end of the week, but if not to call back. I asked about them being contagious and he said that sinus infections are not contagious, but the cold that causes them is contagious.

I also asked him more about Ryder's lack of weight gain and he said it could really be from not feeling great. Their appetite has not been normal and probably because they can't taste anything from having a sinus infection. So he said he wouldn't worry about it yet, but that giving him 1 Pediasure a day is a good things since he is small. If he continues not to gain weight over the next few months then he would want to intervene.

This was a horrible time for an appointment since it is right when they should be napping. Of course they fell asleep in the car on the way to the appointment, were cranky at the appoint and now won't nap!