Sunday, December 21, 2008

Today we all decided to make it a jammie day and not get dressed. I ran out this morning (in my jammies) to Target and Giant to pick up some more sippy cups for the boys along with WIC check stuff for them. When I got home we put the boys down for a nap and then cleaned out our cars. I couldn't believe how much junk I had in my car and the hand vac sure came in handy! I have also been busy doing multiple loads of laundry which I hate doing and that would be the reason why I had so much to do today. After that Tracy and I went out so she could print a few pictures and when we got home Ben was taking the boys out of their room since they never did fall asleep. Tracy decided to wrap the last of her presents and she quickly learned why people wait until their kids are in bed to wrap...the boys offered her more help than she needed or wanted.

This afternoon we decided to start trying the time-out method with the boys since it has become obvious they both know when they are doing something wrong. Now that we know they are well aware of right and wrong we think it is the right time to implement time-outs. The only issue we had was figuring out where to give time-outs since they won't sit still for any length of time. So we decided to try and use the pack-n-play and it works for now. Zak has had a few time-outs so far because of throwing and hitting a block on the fireplace glass doors. Today also marks the start of the boys using only the straw sippy cups. Ryder's OT and speech therapist really wanted us to get him only drinking from these cups to help strengthen his muscles in his mouth so today we made the switch. They have been drinking juice out of them for a while so we know both of them can and will drink from these cups. They are obviously more work to drink from so their bedtime cup of milk was not great and both of them drank some and then kept throwing the cups and crying. We know they will learn that is the only way they will get their milk, but it may take a few days.

Ryder eating breakfast

Zak eating breakfast Nap time = Playtime

Helping with the wrapping paper
Zak in time-out

We had planned to go out for a drive tonight after dinner to see some of the houses that have decorated with lights, but since they didn't nap we put them down early for bed once again so we didn't make it out on our little drive. This is what happens at dinner when they don't nap during the day...

Ryder sleeping in his highchairZak fighting hard to stay awake


Natalie said...

Oh my gosh - those pics are hilarious! Such sweet little boys!