Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Way Back When-esday/New Year's Eve

I wanted to start something else I saw on another blog, its called Way Back When-esday...a look at a picture from a while ago. I can't believe how little these guys used to be!

September (or October?) 2007
Ryder December 2008
Well, the weather literally blew our plans away! It has been so cold and windy today which made us decide not to go into Annapolis. The outdoor performances had been moved to an indoor location which you had to pay to get into so we would have only gotten to see the fireworks at 7:30pm (we were not even 100% sure there would be fireworks because of the high winds). But the boys hate to be bundled up along with the fact that they don't like the wind so they would have just been miserable.

So this New Year's Eve we will spend at home with no plans. The boys will go to bed at their normal time and more than likely I will be in bed before midnight. I feel so old all of a sudden!

Tracy went to hang out with Dave at the Yellowfin bar since he is working so I could go there for a bit, but I just don't know if I feel like it...

Now for today's picture...naked boys!

When I give the boys a bathe alone it is difficult getting them out of the tub and into their room so I have started to just take them out of the tub, put their hooded towel on them and let them walk/crawl to their room.