Sunday, December 14, 2008

Nothing New

Today the Croissant family had what I would call the epitome of a lazy day! Ben is the only person who got out of their jammies and into real clothes; he made a trip to the grocery store for some snack foods. I woke up this morning still not feeling 100% so once again Ben got up with the boys and let me stay in bed longer. Once I did get up we really didn't do anything other than sit around the house and play with the boys. During the boys nap Ben watched football while I napped on the couch with him. My nap was cut short by Ryder who woke up before Zak so Ben brought him upstairs and he proceeded to pound on me to get me up. Zak woke up a while later and we sat around and played some more. Then it was dinner time which led to bedtime and here I am now...sitting in bed watching TV.

Tomorrow Chelley is going to stop by the house to pick up an early x-mas present from our mom and also drop off some stuff that I will need when I watch Madelyn (first day is going to be December 23 and then it will be full-time starting January 5). Later this week Ryder has speech therapy and the boys both go back to the pediatrician for a check-up on their lungs.