Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ryder's 6 Month Re-Evaluation

This morning Ryder's OT and speech therapist came to the house to go over his 6-month re-evaluation that all of the therapists had completed. The findings of this evaluation were:

He was 15.5 months old at the evaluation
Social Skills: 14 month level
Self Help: 12-14 month level
Communication (expressive & receptive): 12 month level with emerging skills
Fine Motor: 12-14 month level
Gross Motor: 11 month level

To be honest I can't remember the other sections of the evaluation, but those are the main ones. I will get a copy of the whole evaluation next month when the PT comes and I can update with the details I can't remember.

They did change his therapy schedule which will now be:

OT: She only needs to come and check on his progress once in the next 6 months. She is very happy with how much he is now chewing and controlling the food in his mouth. She told me that meat will be the last thing he will learn to chew and control so just to watch the size of the pieces we give him for now.

PT: His PT will only be seeing him once a month for 45 minutes now because he has made such good progress over the last 6 months. She will be working on his balance, tummy muscles, and walking independently.

Speech: They have increased his speech to twice a month for 60 minutes. The speech therapist will come and work on his expressive and receptive language skills. We will continue using the sign language and communication book (which the OT and ST loved) with him.

Ryder's goals that have been written for him for the next 6 months are:
1) Ryder will walk independently throughout his home.
2) Ryder will walk independently outside on a variety of surfaces.
3) Ryder will kick and throw/throw a ball.
4) Ryder will walk up and down steps with a hand being held.
5) Ryder will demonstrate age appropriate feeding skills and fine motor skills.

His next re-evaluation will be in June 2009.