Friday, December 26, 2008

Recovering From Christmas

We would all like to thank everybody who sent us holiday cards and everyone who gave us gifts! This was a great Christmas and the boys enjoyed all of it.

Today we had a very lazy day and stayed in our jammies. Ben woke up with the boys and let me sleep in which is always nice. Once I got up and the boys were finished with breakfast we all played for a while with their new toys. They really did get a ton of stuff, but they are loving all of it. Today their favorites seem to have been the Megaland Pop-Up Playset and the Tonka racing cars, but tomorrow I am sure they will have different favorites. When the boys woke up from their nap Ben and I went through their bedroom and decided which things we needed to get rid of to make room for their new big boy toys.

After the boys ate dinner they were running around the kitchen playing. All of a sudden Zak ran up behind Ryder and was trying to ride on his back! It was so funny and the best part was that both boys were having fun and thought it was funny. They did this for a long time so Tracy was able to get a picture. I really wanted to get a video, but didn't have the chance to.