Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Naptime Gone Wrong

Ben called to let me know he would be home late once again (I am starting to think there is no actual on-time with this job, yuck!) so I decided to take the boys out to play at the mall and tire them out. They had so much fun playing as always. Once we got home I put them down for their nap and that is when the day went downhill. I had the baby monitor on and had heard something fall (thought it was their activity table) and heard no crying so I decided not to go check it out in case one of them was asleep. Finally around 1:30pm they were still awake so I went downstairs to put them back in their beds and try to get them to nap, but I was in for a big surprise! When I walked in the room I saw a big area of red on the carpet and couldn't figure out where it came from until Zak turned around and then I saw it....he was covered in blood! There was blood all over the room, covering Zak's face, hands, and outfit. He was just sitting there playing like nothing was going on, but of course I quickly picked him up and brought him upstairs to clean up and see where the blood was coming from. While I was cleaning him up Dave went into their room with the Resolve and did his best to try and clean the carpet (sorry Tracy & Dave!). I got all of the blood off his hands and face which is when I discovered the gash on his forehead with a growing bump. We figured out he had pulled the stereo speaker off the dresser and it obviously landed on his head. After getting him cleaned up I called the pediatrician and we went in to get it checked out. The pediatrician said it was just the top 2 layers so he used some skin glue to close it. He did say that the glue probably wouldn't hold it closed because of its location on his head, but not to worry if it did open again unless it actively bled and wouldn't stop. He also checked the bump that was still growing on his head and he said he should be fine.

While we were there he went ahead and listened to the boys' lungs since he saw them last week and knew we had a check-up appointment on Thursday this week. He said they sound better, but still not good. So he wants us to keep up with the Albuterol treatments and come back on Thursday. If they don't sound better then he might start them on antibiotics just in case there is an infection. So, we have not been given a clean bill of health yet, but at least there was improvement.

So, we have experienced our first gushing head wound! Hopefully there won't be too many more in the years to come....

He was so happy even looking like this

This is a bad picture of the actual gash

As I drove to the pediatrician this afternoon I had a flashback to my childhood; I was about 6 and Chelley was around 4 (I think) and I hit her over the head with a plastic Clydesdale. This of course caused her to bleed non-stop from her head. When my mom discovered Chelley was bleeding from the head she grabbed a paper towel and went running up the street to the ER (we lived on the same street as the ER). My most vivid memory of this whole incident was that my mom did not tear off the paper towel so the whole roll was trailing her up the street to the ER. So, as I calmly drove Zak to the pediatrician I was noticing how differently my mom and I reacted to a somewhat similar incident. Of course, if Zak had been gushing blood and not just covered in it and dripping then I may have reacted differently.

After dinner tonight I put the boys in the bathtub so I could clean off the remaining dried blood on Zak. I also used the bath as a way to stall bedtime since the boys were exhausted from no nap, but I didn't want them to go to bed at 6:30pm. By about 7:15pm they were both in bed and half asleep. The last I heard from Ben he should be home around 9pm so he won't get to see Zak's wound until tomorrow after work.

I am definitely living by my new motto...Tomorrow is a blank slate, lets hope for a better day!