Monday, December 22, 2008

Our Day at the Malls

Today the boys and I picked up Josephine and headed to the mall just to walk around and play in the play area. After being there for a little bit we had to head to the bathroom to change Ryder's stinky diaper. Once we made it back past the play area we noticed Kay, Halley, and Nathan were there so we went and played a little more with them. Then we walked to the food court and had lunch at Chick-Fil-A which the boys LOVE. The mall was getting pretty crowded and the boys were ready for a nap so we took Jo home and came back to the house. The boys actually napped for about 45 minutes today which was nice because they were in good moods this afternoon.

Ben got home around 4:30pm or so and we decided to take a trip to Arundel Mills. Tracy also came with us and we just walked around and had dinner. We did make a stop into Bed Bath & Beyond to get a new shower head since ours was broken (my fault). While at Arundel Mills I came to the realization that the boys are no longer babies...they are truly toddlers. Zak walked a majority of the time we were at the mall and he did so good although a few times he wanted to stop and play with the store fronts and he was holding up traffic at a few points, but otherwise he did really well. He was so proud of himself being able to walk around the mall. Ryder was upset at first that he was stuck in the stroller, but after a bit he was just fine being lazy and getting pushed around. We are hoping that he will watch Zak walking around and that will motivate him to try and walk.

Tomorrow the boys and I will have a visitor for a few hours...Madelyn. Chelley went back to work today and John kept her, but tomorrow she will be staying with us. I have pulled out the bouncy seat and travel swing along with the pack-n-play, formula mixer, and baby water...all the things that come with a baby. I am sure the first few days or so will be a big transition for all of us involved, but it will all work out and be fine.
When we got home from the mall Tracy discovered Bandit had helped himself to the entire plate of chocolate chip cookies. We had not really eaten many so he probably had about 45 or so cookies! So, we no longer have any chocolate chip cookies left and I only had half of one...