Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas 2008 Marathon- Part 3

The boys are now in their bedroom hopefully napping although I have heard some talking so who knows. Laura, Rich & Dani were here for a while this morning to exchange gifts and play with the boys. The boys had fun again opening gifts and playing with their new toys. They got a clippo set (daddy had fun with them also) and a bunch of Tonka cars and trucks which they loved playing with. They also each got a jacket and jeans, but they were not as interested in those of course. Ben got a fleece jacket and we got gift cards also. We also got all of our yearly stocking stuffers. The boys had a ton of fun playing with the three of them and Ryder was very upset when they had to leave.

Playing in the ball pit

Zak opening a gift from Rich & Laura

Waiting for Rich to get the car out of the boxOpening the Tonka trucks and cars
Zak playing with the airplane Daddy made

Ryder sitting with DaniRyder playing on the couch with Dani & Laura
Ryder being silly with Little People from Chelley
Zak trying to drink Daddy's coke